Friday, April 10, 2009

We're having another boy!

So I finally had my ultrasound today. We had to wait longer than usual because we were in between insurance plans. But here's the first picture of our second little boy! We're so excited! Yes, of course I was dreaming about buying adorable little pink dresses, but I am thrilled to be having another boy. I'm so happy for Jonah to have a little brother to join him in wrestling and sports and running around being boys. Jon is really happy, too. So, only another 3 and a half months until we get to meet this little guy face to face! I'm sure it will go by quickly.


Leslie said...

Jon and Linnea,

Congratulations! I can't believe how clear that picture of his face is. What a cutie!

Now the boys are out numbering the girls in grandchildren. You better have a girl next to even things out. (Jk)

Do you know what the cousins tell me about Chris and Jon? That they wrestled and beat on each other all the time. Your two may not be that physical but I wouldn't invest in any pricey knicknacks if I were you :)

Hurray for another nephew!

Emily said...

I can't believe how much he already looks like Jonah! That is a really awesome picture of Taylor Tot #2. :) I'm so excited for you for another boy and for Jonah to have a brother.

Now you just have incentive to have another one to get that girl. ;)

Emily said...

BTW...we need an "official" belly pic! I'm tired of squinting trying to see how pregnant you look in the other pictures you've posted. ;)

Anonymous said...

Yay! Congratulations! It'll be interesting to compare notes about raising brothers vs. sisters. Annika already gets excited about "arella" (Cinderella)and purses. It's amazing how much they rely on their older sibs for guidance. ;) Love, Nancy