Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday Jonah turned one! I can't believe it. It has been a fantastic year. We celebrated with Jon's family at his parents' farm. Here's an overview of the day:

Jonah got to read his favorite book with Aunt Heather and cousin Nancy.

Jonah's lamb cake - a Meyer family tradition.
Cake Face.

Cousins Jake and Joe help Jonah open his presents. He received books, an outfit, and a really fun train toy.

I finally got a good video of Jonah walking. I just couldn't catch him on video by myself. By the time I got him ready to go and walked away to video him he had run off in another direction. So Kelly held onto him until I was ready and he sprinted toward me as soon as she let go!

The classic cake-covered baby.

Jonah and Oliver play with the new train toy and dance to the music.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Jonah's favorites

I love watching Jonah's personality develop more and more every day. He absolutely loves books and certain ones seem to be his favorites.

Blueberries are by far his favorite food. He pops them into his mouth as soon as they hit the tray. I have to put the carton out of sight or he will keep wanting more no matter how many he's already had.

This video shows a very happy eater. The only thing that could possibly distract him from his food is the appearance of the kitty.


After months of working on getting Jonah to say "Mama" and "Dada" his first word was "Kitty!" My dad has a cat and ever since we have been at his house it has been Jonah's main goal in life to get the kitty. He chases after it (at first crawling and now walking) shouting "Kitty! Kitty!" He woke us up in the middle of the night at our family reunion in Michigan, "Kitty!"
Since the kitty often hangs out in Dad's room, so does Jonah. He stands at her Kitty Kondo with eyes full of longing just willing her to come down in hopes of touching her.
Looking dejected because she escaped under the bed.
Lifting the bedskirt to continue his pursuit.

Family Fun

I know it's been a really long time since I posted to the blog, so here's my effort at getting caught up from the last month and a half.
We enjoyed the rest of our visit with Paul and Vashti and took them to the Albuquerque Balloon Museum.

We left Albuquerque on July 23rd for our family vacation in Illinois and Michigan. Jon ended up finding a job near Wheaton and we decided to move back. So we lived out of our vacation suitcases for over a month until Jon was able to go back and move our stuff last weekend.

Jonah and his cousin, Oliver. Not quite ready for the big leagues.

Another chew toy!
Aunt Beth watches with concern as Jonah investigates her Blackberry.
Jonah and Grandpa - best buddies.

The Meyers