Monday, March 31, 2008

Jonah Sits

Catching Up

It's been a while since my last post, so I have a lot of catching up to do. On our way home from Denver we stopped back in Colorado Springs and were able to see not only Leslie and her kids, but also Jon's other brother, Preston, and his family who were visiting for spring break. It was more difficult to get a picture of the three cousins this time than it was at Christmas because Oliver and Naomi are mobile now. Jonah still can't make it out of the chair on his own, but I'm sure he'll be doing it sooner than I think.

The trip home from Colorado went smoothly for the most part... Jonah had two "poo-sasters" (a poop disaster) on the road, each requiring new clothing from head to toe. But other than that he slept most of the time and I learned my lesson and filled up on gas while I still had a quarter of a tank left.
Emily took some great pictures of Jonah in his stroller at a restaurant.
The buffin was not too thrilled at his first taste of peas.

Unfortunately I forgot to take my camera to Wheaton when we went for Easter so I didn't get any pictures on that trip. But we had a great time seeing Grandpa and Uncle Paul and Aunt Vashti. Jon's parents were also in town so they got to spend some time with Jonah too. The buffin did great on the plane both ways (despite another major poo-saster on the plane just as we were descending into Dallas) and enjoyed making new friends wherever we went. He is certainly not shy and "dances" rocking back and forth to show his excitement at meeting someone new.
Buffin's big accomplishment this past week has been learning to sit up by himself. It's so exciting! I think life is a little more fun for him now that he can sit and entertain himself rather than having to just lay there.

Buffin loves the swing at the park across the street from our apartment. I'm sure we'll be spending a lot of time there this summer. He's very good about keeping his hat on and only protests mildly when I put sunscreen on him. I can't wait to start taking him to the pool when they open it for the summer. Hopefully they open the pool here sooner than Memorial Day since it's already in the 70's every day.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Cute Cousins

"Hey Naomi, I can eat your hand for you."
"No, Jonah, let's eat our own hands."

This week the buffin and I decided to take a road trip to Colorado to visit friends. First we are seeing my childhood friend, Emily, in Colorado Springs and tomorrow we are driving up to Denver to see my college roommate, Katie. The trip up was fantastic! The buffin did awesome - not a single fuss until the last half-hour. I praised the Lord for small answers to prayer: He provided a gas station when I really needed one, Buffin's messy diaper was entirely contained in the diaper for the first time in his life (not all over his clothes and car seat), and when he spit up all over the place it was just before getting in the car so there was nothing to clean up. Driving from New Mexico to Colorado is much different from driving between Michigan and Illinois. There isn't an exit every four miles and there isn't a gas station at every exit. This fact can be very distressing when you're down to an eighth of a tank of gas and you just drank a grande coffee and an iced tea. But after my short moment of panic (and prayer) I was free to enjoy the gorgeous scenery out my window. I never realized that mountain ranges would line my entire trip (maybe it was very blonde of me to not know this).

Jon's brother, Chris, and his family also live in Colorado Springs so today we stopped in to see my sister-in-law Leslie and her two youngest daughters (the older kids were in school). We got some cute pictures of the buffin and his cousin, Naomi, who is nine months old.


It turns out that the buffin likes carrots much more than he likes rice cereal. The only problem now is: orange spit-up. We have now entered a whole new realm of laundry stains.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Buffin's Favorite Toy

Of all the toys Buffin has, I think his favorite is an old Pop Tarts wrapper. It's shiny, it crinkles, it's easy to hold... who could ask for a more perfect toy? It seems like most babies tend to enjoy toys that aren't really toys.

Rice Cereal!

"I'm not so sure about this rice cereal stuff, Mommy."

This is the buffin's first bite of rice cereal. The face he makes is priceless.

He started to get the hang of eating pretty quickly.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Jon at Work

Here are some pictures from the air to give an idea of what the flying is like in NM.