Monday, April 28, 2008

Ready for Waves

The pool at our apartment complex won't be open for a few more weeks, but we'll be ready when it does. I bought one of those baby floaties to put him in and on Friday I got him his swim trunks and a swim shirt. I got them a little big because I'm hoping they'll last the whole summer, but maybe that's wishful thinking. I think he looks pretty stylin'.

Little Slugger

Jonah loves his baseball toy he got from Jon's parents (aka "Munca and Boppa") for Christmas. He doesn't quite get the concept of hitting the ball with the bat, but he likes grabbing the ball and trying to eat it as the electronic voice yells, "Homerun! It's outa' here!"

Buffin "dances" to "Take Me Out to the Ballgame".

Rise and Shine

One of the best parts about being a mom is watching Jonah's excitement at seeing me when I go to get him up from a nap. It's priceless. Speaking of naps... after almost two exhausting weeks of trying to get the buffin to sleep without a swaddle I gave up. I thought he would figure it out, but he just didn't. He would lay in his crib kicking around and squealing for as long as two hours. I would end up leaning over his crib holding his arms and legs still until he fell asleep. My back was getting sore and I didn't see the point in being a human swaddle, so I got the wraps back out. Ahhhhh. Sweet relief (for both of us). Maybe we'll try again in a few months.

Baby Talk

Here Jonah is having a conversation with Kate, his friend from church. It's very fun to watch them together, especially because they are only five days apart. Kate's mom, Haley, and I would love to know what they are saying. Please post your interpretation of their baby language in the comments.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Supreme Fascination

What is it about keys that makes them so fascinating to babies? More than any other toy, keys can keep Jonah occupied for as long as we're willing to let him bite and drool all over them.

Thunder Thighs

One of the great things about having warm weather is being able to put the buffin in shorts and admire his chubby legs!

Buffin's First Ballgame

We took Jonah to see the Albuquerque Isotopes on Sunday. He had a blast!

Jonah: Unwrapped

In honor of Jonah turning 7 months on Sunday, we decided that he is now a big boy and should no longer be swaddled to sleep. It's been a tough few days for that reason. He now has to learn how to settle down by himself without having his arms restricted in a straight jacket. But, as with most things as he grows up, he has gotten the hang of it pretty quickly. He's had no problem with the nighttime sleeping, but we're still working on the naps. When you're an active little boy it's hard to keep your arms and legs still long enough to fall asleep. It's much more fun to lay in your crib and talk to yourself, chew on your blankie, examine your hands, play with your feet, pull out your paci, or stick your arm through the crib slats.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


When I go to get Jonah up from his nap I often find that he has scooched himself into the corner of his crib. Of course this doesn't faze him - he's as happy as ever even with his head jammed into the crib bumper!

Early Morning Fun

Jonah's eyes aren't as blue as they were when he was born. Now they're more hazel like Jon's - a good sign that he'll be as handsome as his dad!

You might want to turn the volume down on your computer before you watch this one!

The Big Boy Cup

When I gave the buffin a sippy cup for the first time I thought there was no way he would know what to do with it. I thought he would just give it a curious look and wonder, "What the heck is this?!" Well, I guess that was just the mom in me that wants her little baby to stay a baby and secretly doesn't want him to know how to use a sippy cup. But I can't be sad about it for too long because my pride at having such a brilliant genius who knew immediately what to do with the cup far outweighs my sadness of him growing up too fast.

The Goat Farm

Last week we went to visit a goat farm with our MOPS group. Jonah loved it! He was very excited about the baby goats (you can hear him making excited noises in the background of the video) and he even got to pet one and stick his finger in its eye.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


So by Saturday I thought Jonah was an old pro at sitting up by himself so I left him playing happily while I washed the entryway tile. Jon came in to find the buffin toppled over and flailing around with his play mat on top of him. He was just making his usual noises and didn't sound distressed, so I had no idea that a problem had occurred.

Buffin Catches a Ball

Jon brought this ball home for the buffin yesterday and he loved it! Grandpa will be very excited to see our future baseball player keeping his eye on the ball and showing hand/eye coordination at such an early age!

Buffin Swinging