Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kisses from Dad

Cute Kid

Are moms supposed to say how cute they think their kids are? If it's possible I think Jonah is getting cuter as he gets older - maybe because he smiles more and shows more personality. I just love my cute little boy! I also got very excited this week because a friend from church generously gave me all her baby boy clothes from size 6 months through 24 months. This was such a huge blessing to me as Jonah has recently graduated to 12 month size clothes and I didn't know how I was going to clothe him after mostly running out of baby shower gifts. These two large bins of clothes are full of adorable little jeans, onesies, polo shirts, and even tiny blue sneakers! I can't wait to dress Jonah every morning and I don't mind so much when he pukes all over himself because then I get to put him in another cute outfit!
Jonah is one cool dude.

First Officer Taylor

Jon has completed his training with New Mexico Airlines (NMA) and started his official duties as first officer (co-pilot) this week. He enjoys the job and as first officer he does the majority of the flying. Since it's a small airline he also checks in the passengers, loads and unloads the baggage, tells the passengers how to buckle their seatbelts, etc. His flights so far have been uneventful, which is good. Right now his off days are Tuesday and Wednesday, but beginning Feb. 11 he'll have Saturday and Sunday off so that will be great for going to church together.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Little Chub

Jon thinks Jonah looks like a mobster from The Sopranos when he wears his Fila jogging suit. No matter what he wears he just looks chubby. He's so cute though! I must kiss his little cheeks a hundred times a day!

Jonah and Mom slide show

I learned how to use the video maker program on our new computer and I made this little slide show of me and Jonah set to a Veggie Tales song that I sing to him all the time.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fun with Dad

Jon really knows how to tickle Jonah's funny bone. I can never get him to laugh as hard as Jon can!

Monday, January 7, 2008


In further preparation for overseas missionary service, Jon has taken a job as co-pilot for New Mexico Airlines and will be starting this Thursday, so here we are in Albuquerque, NM! Jon will be flying Caravans (a larger type of plane than he has flown so far in his pilot training) that carry nine passengers to several cities in New Mexico. We packed up our moving truck in Michigan the weekend before Christmas, parked the van in Wheaton and spent the week with our families and headed down to Albuquerque the weekend after Christmas. It was quite a whirlwind!

It is so beautiful here! The mountains are so awesome - it's still hard to believe we live here because it feels like the type of place you would visit on vacation. So far the weather is much milder than Chicago or Michigan winter, but it isn't particularly warm. We hear it stays mostly in the 40's in January. Jonah seems to be adjusting to the new locale just fine.
We visited the PCA church yesterday and were welcomed with open arms. We even met a couple who went to Wheaton College and the husband had lived on Paul's floor in Fisher dorm. What a small world! I'm anxious to get involved in church and find a MOPS group to make friends and have stuff to do with Jonah. I'm very excited that we will have more days of pleasant weather here than if we were still in Michigan.
Please email us if you would like our new address (it's probably not a good idea to post our address on a public web site). Our phone numbers are still the same.