Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Pig Roast

Jonah, Heidi and Una play "Spin the Bottle".
Jonah: "One step closer, Una, and I'll shoot!"
Heidi: "I wish I could get that squirt gun and soak my dad."
Una: "I just hope I get to lick someone's face."

Visit from Grandpa

My dad came to visit for Memorial Day Weekend. We had a wonderful time together and we packed the weekend with activity in true Meyer fashion. Saturday morning we borrowed a bike for Dad and went on a bike ride using our goal destination (McDonald's) as motivation to get up the long hill by our apartment. In the afternoon we took a drive in a nearby national forest, went out to an early dinner with some family friends, left Jonah with a babysitter and enjoyed an outdoor concert at the zoo.

Sunday we went to church and had a nice lunch at home while Jonah napped. In the evening we rode the world's longest tramway up to the Sandia Peak and enjoyed a nice dinner at a restaurant at the top of the mountain. Then we trooped over to Dad's hotel, put Jonah to bed in the hotel bathtub and the men got to watch sports while I watched a movie on our laptop. As Dad would say, "It doesn't get better than that!"

Oops. I put the same picture twice and I can't figure out how to remove one picture without deleting the whole post.
Here's our view from the restaurant at the top of the mountain.

Waiting for the tram going back down the mountain.

Almost Mobile

So the buffin is not quite crawling yet, but he's very close. He gets up on his hands and knees and rocks back and forth. Today he even pushed forward with his legs and ended up doing some nice face-plants into the carpet. While he hasn't mastered forward movement, he is really getting the hang of rolling all over the place and scooching backward. He definitely does not stay put when you set him down. Last week I left him sitting up with his toys and came back from the bathroom to find him on his tummy wedged under a chair. He has also discovered that he can scooch over to the bookshelf and empty it of its contents. Looks like we need to start baby-proofing...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Afghan


Every time I turn around Jon is giving Jonah a taste of something an 8-month-old probably shouldn't be eating. Sunday he informed me that Jonah likes his paci dipped in ice cream. Apparently he also enjoys blue popsicles.

Eating Obby-Os Part 2

Jonah has now mastered the art of putting the Obby-Os in his mouth by himself, but he still makes the funny face when he eats one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Dance of the Buffin

Here Jonah demonstrates his excited dance. He does this little dance for anyone and everyone who gives him attention. He dances for each person who says hi to him at church or in the grocery store. He watches people and waits for them to acknowledge him so he can greet them with a dance. It makes me sad to think that the day might someday come when he doesn't do this anymore. All the more reason to catch every moment on video, right?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Sunday Paper

I wanted to catch the buffin looking like he was reading the paper, but as soon as I pull out the camera he has to mug for a shot. Hmmm... sound like anyone else we know?
Reading the paper... Eating the paper... Same thing, right?

Ready to Roll!

Our big excitement over the weekend was purchasing bikes and a baby bike seat (a wonderful Mother's Day present from my dad!) We are so excited to be able to do family bike rides! Albuquerque is a very bike-friendly town and there are sidewalks and bike paths everywhere. We'll definitely be getting a workout biking around here because the city slopes up toward the mountains (I'm looking forward to building up "biker's legs"). Jonah seems to enjoy his bike seat and doesn't mind his helmet (which makes him look hilarious and completely adorable).

It just doesn't get cuter than this!
Huge head!
Of course Jon had to try out the helmet too. It doesn't look as cute on him. Sorry, honey.
Jon is pumped about his vintage '70's Schwin road bike that was completely overhauled and tuned up like new.
And Jonah had to try Dad's bike too.
I love my Schwin "comfort bike". (aka "mom bike")
Let's ride!

Buffin eats an "Obby-O"

I'm starting to put Cheerios on Jonah's high chair tray and letting him play with them. I call them Obby-Os because that's what my brother called them when he was little. He's starting to get the hang of the pincer grasp (for those of you who don't read tons of baby books, that's the ability to grasp a small object between the thumb and forefinger) but he has a hard time letting go of the Obby-O once he's put it in his mouth. So for the purpose of this video I put the Obby-O in his mouth for him to demonstrate how funny it is to watch him eat it.