Saturday, September 6, 2008

Family Fun

I know it's been a really long time since I posted to the blog, so here's my effort at getting caught up from the last month and a half.
We enjoyed the rest of our visit with Paul and Vashti and took them to the Albuquerque Balloon Museum.

We left Albuquerque on July 23rd for our family vacation in Illinois and Michigan. Jon ended up finding a job near Wheaton and we decided to move back. So we lived out of our vacation suitcases for over a month until Jon was able to go back and move our stuff last weekend.

Jonah and his cousin, Oliver. Not quite ready for the big leagues.

Another chew toy!
Aunt Beth watches with concern as Jonah investigates her Blackberry.
Jonah and Grandpa - best buddies.

The Meyers

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Emily said...

Oh my goodness! Jonah looks SO like a little MAN now! HOW CUTE!! He is so big and grown up!