Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Tummy

Here I am at 5 and a half months along in this pregnancy. If people ask I usually tell them I'm six months, though, so maybe there's a bit less of a chance they'll comment about how big I am already. Especially now that I know it's a boy, I anticipate having another big 'un. (Check out my pregnancy pics on Facebook to see what I looked like at the end of my pregnancy with Jonah - totally enormous.) But the fun thing about getting so big is that I feel like the baby is healthy and growing and that makes me happy. I actually don't mind when people comment about how big I am. It's all part of the fun of being pregnant.

I wish I had more Easter pictures to post, but this was the only one we took on my camera. We took pictures with Dad's camera, but I forgot to put them on my computer before he left. Jon is still in the DR, so my dad came down to celebrate Easter with Jonah and me. We had a very nice weekend together. We even managed to pull together a pretty nice simple Easter lunch for just the three of us: ham, jello, devilled eggs, and homemade rolls. Meal preparation on special occasions really makes us miss my mom - she seemed to be able to put those things together with such ease and they were always just right.

We didn't do an Easter basket for Jonah and we skipped the community Easter egg hunt because it was so chilly out, but he did get a toy golf club and a swing to hang from our porch as Easter presents from Grandpa. We haven't tried the swing yet, but he's already been swinging away with the golf club. The only problem is that he insists on holding the club end and whacking at the ball with the handle end. Oh well. I'm sure he'll figure it out at some point.


Emily said...

You look wonderful! I love your cute little Spring outfit!

It sounds like you had a nice Easter with your dad and that you made a nice little Easter dinner. I'm sure times like those make you miss your mom even more. Your mom was a wonderful hostess, that's for sure.

Jonah sounds too cute with his golf club. You'll have to see about getting a picture of that to share with us.

Ricky and Heather said...

I was really big with Elise, too. They said I had a lot of fluid. I'm glad you take the comments well...I didn't take them well at all ;) Congrats on another boy! We're excited for you guys:) Could you e-mail me so I have your e-mail address? )I'm guessing you have ours...but maybe not....but I'm hesitant to put mine on the internet...)

Leslie said...

People used to sometimes ask me if I was having twins. When I told them no, they would ask me if I was sure. I had to repeat myself several times that there was only one in there, I had an ultrasound, etc. I always thought that was kind of rude but it didn't bother me that much.

Anonymous said...

Well, you beautiful, as always. Funny how one can seem to get big all of a sudden--didn't we just see you? If you want another diversion call Rebecca in Charlotte. She'd love company for a weekend. For someone who can travel the countryside of Costa Rica, a road trip would be a breeze!
Love Carol. I have to post anonymously because my google account is messed up

Mark & Brittany & Oliver said...

Congratulations! Another boy, what a blessing!
I hope you and your family is doing well. I can't believe how big Jonah is.
Praying you have a mild pregnanacy.