Tuesday, April 7, 2009

DR Adventure Days 5 and 6

The last two days adventures have not been particularly exciting. I decided that it really would not be possible for me to make it to the beach by myself. There were just too many variables without my knowing any Spanish. So yesterday after our usual swimming, lunch and naps we went out to the nice mall in town. It was fairly similar to an American mall - the prices were the same or more than what you would find in an American mall, too. So it wasn't that exciting to shop because I wasn't going to bother with buying anything that I could get cheaper at home!

I got a kick out of this sign on the mall entrance. What? I can't bring in my gun or my machete?

There was a little arcade which was our main entertainment. For about $2 I got 6 tokens for Jonah to ride the little kiddie cars. He was thrilled! He alternated between cars for about 45 minutes and cried when it was time to leave.
This car went up and down and played annoying songs including "Oh My Darling, Clementine" and "We Wish You a Merry Christmas".

This little kid was somewhat upset that Jonah was using "his" batmobile. He stood there and talked to Jonah for the etirety of his ride. Who knows what he was saying.

Sitting behind the wheel of an arcade game was just as much fun as the kiddie cars, if not more. Plus, it was free and I got to sit in the car next to him.

This morning I wanted to go to a cigar factory I read about in my tour book. The book said it closed at 4:30 so we needed to go before naps. But when I talked to the guy at the front desk he had never heard of it and when he called the place they said they only shipped cigars, they didn't make them and they didn't do tours. Good thing I asked. So he sent us off to a different place where we could see cigars made. When we got there it was just two guys rolling cigars and Jonah wasn't allowed in because of the smoke - I think they were giving free samples. So I parked him right outside the door with his juice and animal crackers while I watched for a few minutes.

I bought a small box of cigars for Jon to give to some of his friends back in Harrisonburg. Of course I know nothing about cigars, but the guide book said that this is a local brand that is as good or better than the Dominican brands you would find in the States. Hopefully that's true. I'd like to keep the box when they're done - I think it would be a cool souvenir.

This afternoon we're supposed to go to the grocery store with another American woman who is here working on the project Jon is flying for. I'm going to get Jon stocked up on drinks and snacks before I go. He works from about nine to six, seven days a week and I know he really doesn't want to try to head out to the store in the evening after he gets home. No one knows how much longer the project will last - the people who contracted Jon's company just want to work at it until their money runs out. It could be another week or two. The concensus amoung the Dominicans was that Good Friday was more important to have off than Easter, so Jon will have Friday off, but not Sunday. I will be back in Virginia on Thursday and I'm looking forward to my dad coming down to join Jonah and me for Easter.
So tomorrow is our last day for adventures and then we leave on Thursday morning. I've heard that there's a waterpark very nearby, so we might try that. I know I probably won't be riding waterslides in my "condition", but Jonah's probably to little to go down the big slides anyway. Maybe there will be some kiddie slides.

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