Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sept. 23

Here are a few recent pictures of our happy little family plus a video of me and Jonah in the hospital. I am loving being a mom to my adorable boy! I feel like every moment with him is a joy - even when he's fussing, which is seldom. Jonah is a champion sleeper and excellent eater. He has had no problems with breast feeding and I certainly have had no problems in supplying the milk! Jonah sleeps for 4 or 5 hours at a stretch overnight, so Jon and I really are not experiencing the sleep-deprivation that we expected as new parents. We love being a family and have enjoyed walks together in the evenings, family Bible reading and just being together.


Anonymous said...

What fun to see these pictures. Chris, there's plenty of Taylor in this baby--looks like all the other Peter Taylor grands! But Linnea, I do see you in him too. He is just beautiful. Grandma and I admired all the pictures and exclaimed over how wide-eyed and alert he was right from the beginning~

Anonymous said...

Dear Linnea,

Your baby is cute. I wish I could be there to talk to him. Thanks for putting the pictures on the website.
(typed by her amanuensis, Mark)

Rebecca Swan said...

Thanks for setting up a blog! How very fun to see pictures of little Jonah. And I'm glad sleeping and eating is going well...that's huge!

(And Mom, I think you meant Jon not Chris in your comment). :)


Anonymous said...

Linnea and Jon,

It's so great to see more pictures of Jonah and you! I'm glad to hear that you're settling in so well. I wish I could be there to see Jonah!


Taylor Family said...

Don't know what blog ettiquette is about carrying on conversations with other comment-leavers rather than the ones who own the blog. Just for clarification, I was responding to an earlier comment by Uncle Chris Taylor in which he lamented to his brother that the baby was all Meyer. To me, Jonah looks like lots of his first cousins, some of which belong to that same Uncle Chris. Anyway, we are all glad you're doing so wel--can't wait to meet him.

Jan-the-MOB said...

My first thought was that he looked like a Meyer too....I could just SEE baby Linnea and baby Paul in him. In any case, he is lovely!! Linnea -- how was his weight on Monday? Inquiring minds want to know.

Of course I'm thrilled breastfeeding is going so well!!!

Thank you to Grandpa Ed for sharing the website for your blog. It's so fun -- do keep up with it so we can watch the amazing growth of your little family.

Love you!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Linnea and Jon,

Congratulations on the arrival of Jonah! He is fun to see the pictures.

Glad to hear it is going so well. Kristine would have starved to death if it wouldn't had been for your Mom sharing her breast feeding wisdom with me. She would be so proud of you!!!!

Love and Hugs to you, Colleen