Saturday, September 29, 2007

Jonah Jelly Bean

Jonah loves to be swaddled - he can't go to sleep unless he's wrapped up tightly. We've discovered that the best way to get him tight enough so he can't get his arms out is to wrap him first in a receiving blanket and then in a special swaddling wrap that has velcro tabs. Jon has gotten quite good at this wrapping procedure. I think he looks like a jelly bean when he's all wrapped up.


Anonymous said...


He sure does look like a little jelly bean. It's so sweet to see Jon swaddling Jonah.


Rebecca Swan said...

I love that phase! Makes me want another tiny baby!

Anonymous said...

Kristen took dinner to someone at church who had a 9 pound baby last week. Hayden was much smaller than that at birth, but seeing the new baby, Kristen was sure Hayden was never THAT small. Jonah seems the same. For being over 9 pounds, he sure looks tiny!

Way to go, Jon, with swaddling--that technique has saved the lives--or at least the sanity--of several other new parents this year:-) Can't wait to meet this little guy in 11 days

Jan-the-MOB said...

Harvey Karp (Happiest Baby on the Block) would be proud!!