Monday, March 15, 2010

Taylor Travels Part 1 - Bye Bye Daddy

Jon left almost two weeks ago on a five-week trip to Saudi Arabia for work. I decided to take a huge road trip with the boys to visit friends and family while Jon was gone. After our five weeks on the road I'll leave Jonah with Jon's parents and Ben and I will fly to meet Jon in Micronesia for our two-week visit with Pacific Missionary Aviation.

It's hard to be home alone with the boys when Jon's gone. We all tend to go a little crazy. When all else fails run in circles, right?

After Jon left we stayed home for a few days packing and pulling everything together for our seven weeks away from home. Packing for three people to be gone for seven weeks in different climates and getting it all into the car was a bit tricky. I got everything lined up in the hall and I had some serious doubts about whether or not it would all fit.

Good thing I played lots of Tetris as a kid. I somehow got all this (minus the basketball hoop) plus a stroller, folding cot, snacks, toys and two car seats into the car. It only occurred to me when we were halfway to Charlotte that there will be absolutely no room for Jon and all his stuff to ride back with us from Chicago at the end of our adventure. Oops. We might need to rend a Uhaul!
Here we are all loaded up and ready to head out. You can see Ben in the mirror and if you look closely you can see me too.

This is my new favorite picture of the boys. So cute!

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Emily said...

You could always ship some of the stuff to yourself. That would probably be cheaper than renting a U-Haul. Glad to hear you got it all to fit, though!