Sunday, January 31, 2010

Indoor Bobsledding

**A warning to the safety-conscious parents out there: you might want to skip this post due to it's graphic depiction of a toddler having a lot of fun in a not totally safe way.**

This weekend we were snowed in. Again. Jonah is quickly catching on to the lack of expeditious snow removal down here in Virginia: He looked out the window yesterday morning at three inches of snow and said, "Oh, we're not going anywhere." So we had to make our own fun indoors.

Now, a mom's idea of making fun indoors might be baking cookies, finger painting, homemade puppets, or playing "Hungry Hungry Hippos". A dad's idea of indoor fun is... not at all what the mom had in mind. It usually involves tools, a huge mess, something broken, and probably someone getting hurt. That said, the dad's idea is always way more fun and creative than the mom's idea. This weekend Dad's idea was indoor bobsledding.

Well, it started out as just a cardboard slide down the first six steps of our staircase.

Benjamin monitored the proceedings from the floor to the side of the stairs.

The slide seemed fun enough to me, but of course Jon had bigger and better ideas: a cardboard bobsled.

Okay, but he'll just sled down the first six steps, right? Well, it turns out that stair bobsledding can be a slippery slope. Why not the middle of the staircase?

Now that we've accomplished that, how about a little higher?

What the heck. Why not do the entire flight of stairs?

Why not send Benjamin down the stairs in the bobsled?

Just Kidding! We're not totally crazy!


Emily said...

How fun! That's totally great! :)

Megan said...

I'm laughing my head off and I haven't even watched the videos yet! :-D

Megan said...

Ok, now I HAVE watched the videos, and am totally jealous that both staircases in our house end three feet away from a wall...can we come over to your house and play??? :-P

Kate said...

You should password-protect your blog so nobody from DCFS comes across that!

linnea said...

Hey! I was googling myself to see if anything came up about me, and one of the links that came up was your blog!

I really enjoyed looking around on your blog!

-another linnea taylor