Sunday, December 20, 2009


Here's Jonah all bundled up ready to play in the snow. He reminds me of Ralphie's little brother from "A Christmas Story".
Last time it snowed here about two weeks ago I was just barely able to buy snow gear for Jonah, but I couldn't find a sled anywhere. I started calling around looking for a sled the day before this blizzard hit and struck out again. So we resorted to using an inflatable pool toy that we had and tying a rope to it. We can't do real sledding because the snow is just too powdery, but it works pretty well on the road with "Dad power".

Here's my car all beautifully shoveled out.

But we had to sacrifice Jon's car in the process. There was nowhere else to put the snow so he just piled it onto his Tempo. I guess he'll have to take my car if he tries to make it to work tomorrow.

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Emily said...

Wow! Glad you're surviving the snow and making the best of it. Is it ruining your plans for Christma?? I hope not!