Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Brothers Are Hilarious... And Moms Aren't

Benjamin is only four months old, but I think I've already been replaced as the most interesting person in his life. He thinks Jonah is hilarious. This is probably the hardest I've ever seen him laugh. These two videos are pretty similar, but I had to post them both because I thought it was funny how Benjamin gives me the same bored look at the end of each one. He cracks up at Jonah and as soon as he turns to me the grin is gone and he has this look like, "Yeah, whatever, Mom."


The Hickels said...

Oh my goodness, the ending of that first video cracks me up! Mom, you must be quite the killjoy to intrude on funny brother moments like that. :)

Emily said...

That is too cute how amused Ben is by Jonah! :) Ben's hair seems to be lightening up too.