Friday, January 9, 2009

One for the books...

I keep trying to get Jonah to say, "Love you!" and he kind of tries, but he isn't really enthusiastic about it and it doesn't really sound close. But yesterday he made up for it in the most precious way...

He has one of those little baby photo albums with pictures of us and various family members. He often picks out Daddy and Grandpa and always himself ("Baby!"), but rarely Mommy. Yesterday while on his changing table he not only recognized me, but he said, "Mommy! Pretty!" I just about melted! I promise I have never prompted him to say this. I only taught him pretty when he's looking at my rings or earrings. It's possible that he saw my ring in the picture, but it's still precious.

He's starting to put two or three words together - I think sentences are not far off. He says "read it", "car keys", "mail box", "this is how", "no no touch", "choo-choo train", "all better", "all done", etc.

He names things off in the grocery store as we pass. "Nanas" (bananas), "beans", "chips", "juice", "an-ich" (sandwich when he sees bread), "nuts", "cheese", "milk", and of course "oh-dirt" (yogurt). Not only does he go ballistic when he sees yogurt, but he's convinced that everything with a plastic lid is also oh-dirt. No amount of convincing will make him realize that it's margarine, sour cream, or coffee.

We're also getting a kick out of how he enunciates his "t" on words like "out" and "hot". It comes out more like "ou T!" He occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night for no good reason, especially in a new place or times of transition. Now that we're settled in our own place and don't need to worry about waking other people up we've been letting him cry it out. If we get up with him the episode usually lasts about 2 hours and we usually end up letting him cry anyways. If we don't go in at all and just let him cry it only lasts 15 minutes. It's heart-wrenching to hear him cry, but we know there's nothing wrong with him and we'll all get more sleep if we don't get him up. The other night he had us laughing out loud in our room when we started hearing, "WAHHHHHHH!" Pause, and then in a normal voice, "Ou T!" Then back to, "WAHHHHHHHH!" Apparently he hasn't learned how to scream words, yet. Let's hope he never does.


Emily said...

You'll have to get him on tape saying ouT. Sounds cute and funny, although maybe not in the middle of the night. :)

Megan said...

That is precious! I love hearing your baby stories. :-)

Anonymous said...

Kristen says Hayden's middle of the night trick is to say "Downstairs...cereal..high chair...Waaaaah" until you guessed it--downstairs for a bowl of cereal in the high chair at 2 AM. Gotta get those calories sometime!
PS Looking forward to seeing Jonah this weekend