Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Uncle Paul's in town!

My brother, Paul, is in Albuquerque for the next three weeks doing training at Kirtland Air Force Base. How crazy that we should both end up here of all places, even if only for a short time. He arrived on Saturday night and went to church with us on Sunday. We drove up to the Sandia Peak Sunday afternoon to show Paul the sights. His wife, Vashti, will join him next week along with their baby girl in utero. I can't wait!


Emily said...

How exciting for Paul and Vashti to be expecting a little cousin for Buffin! I had been wondering if there would be news on that front at all. :)

Emily said...

I'm sure you're busy enjoying yoru family, but we want to see more pictures are hear more about Paul and Vashti's visit!