Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Then and Now

I think it's pretty funny to contrast Jonah in his swing when he was one week old and in the swing today. He still enjoys it as much as ever, but I think pretty soon he's either going to have his head off the edge or the swing won't have enough power to move him anymore.
Today I got tired of yanking on Jonah's onsies, struggling to get his pants over his huge thighs, and constantly pulling his shirts down over his portruding belly, so.... Yes, I put him in 18 month clothes. I can't believe it! I swear I'm not over-feeding him - I never wake him up to eat and I let him quit when he starts to lose interest... The only thing I can think of is that he still sleeps way more than any other baby I know so maybe he's growing in his sleep.
Other than his gargantuan size, he seems to be a normal 5-month-old although his friends at church are hitting milestones much faster than him. I say it's much easier for a 13-pound little girl to sit up by herself than it is for a 22-pound lug. He also has not rolled over again since that video I posted on Feb. 1. I'm sure he'll do it again in his own time.
The one thing I wish Jonah would outgrow is the spitting up. He is still very much the "human fountain" as I like to call him. On the way out the door today I had purse in hand and I picked Jonah up only to be completely barfed on. So I put Jonah on the bed and changed my shirt only to be barfed on immediately when I picked him up. This time I said forget it and wiped myself with a burp cloth and decided to go out with puke on my shirt. I still pack an extra shirt for myself in the diaper bag - especially for church. Somehow he always manages to slime me at church. I am eagerly awaiting the end of this stage of babyhood.


Emily said...

I can't believe he is in 18 month sizes already!! I hope you were able to get a FEW uses out of the little oufits I sent him. Man, he is like a little growing machine!

Mrs. J said...

Great pix--I enjoyed checking out your past entries too!