Friday, February 29, 2008

Beautiful Albuquerque

Probably the best thing about moving to Albuquerque is the gorgeous weather and scenery. While it snows like crazy in Illinois and Michigan, we're enjoying temperatures in the mid to upper 60's! The past two days we've noticed a guy at our apartment complex sunning by the pool in his swim trunks! It's still a little chilly to get me out in my bathing suit, but it's certainly nice enough to take long walks with The Buffin.
For those of you who don't know, we really never call our son by his given name. It feels strange and formal to refer to him on the blog as Jonah, since he doesn't even recognize that as his own name. When he was two months old I was often calling Jonah "Muffin". Then Jon and I got really bad colds and I was so congested that "Muffin" came out "Buffin". We thought this was funny and the name stuck. So now he's known as Buffin or The Buffin. So, since most of you reading this blog are friends or family, I invite you to use Jonah's familiar name as well.

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