Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 3

We are pleasantly surprised by life on Yap these first few days. Here is a log of today's activities to show some of the unexpected things that happen. The photo was taken of us a few days ago on Guam before coming to Yap.

5:00 Rachel wakes up

6:45 Everybody up for breakfast

7:30 Jon to hangar

7:45 Started unloading tools from shipping boxes

8:00 Family shipping container removed from airport ramp

8:30 Installed washing machine

9:00 Filled out insurance and flight paperwork

11:30 Took teammates to lunch

12:30 Went to hardware for propane fittings

1:00 Found a Nissan Vanette (right-side steering wheel) for our family vehicle

1:30 Purchased 10 gallon propane tank at shipyard for kitchen stove

2:00 Drilled hole through exterior wall of cinderblock house for propane tank installation

2:30 Installed kitchen stove

3:00 Drilled hole for de-humidifier drainage to outside

3:15 Established dry room

3:30 Rain begins; hundreds of frogs come onto our lawn

3:45 Take kids to back yard to watch waterfall at jungle's edge

4:00 Repaired bread maker

4:30 Installed fridge

5:15 Prayer meeting with outer islanders in their language

6:00 Learned first words in outer islander at prayer meeting

7:00 Went with teammates to roadside bush to get berries to combat pink eye

7:30 Radioed ship Sea Haven on shortwave concerning large circulation of weather

8:00 Ate first hot meal from our stove on Yap

8:15 Boys to bed

8:30 Blogged

9:30 Went to sleep with heavy rains expected to last for days

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Em said...

Sounds like a VERY productive day!