Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Solo ABC's


It's only been a month since I last took a video of Jonah doing the ABC's, but I couldn't resist posting another video because he can now do the entire song without my help. Okay, he may mush a letter here and there, the "LMNOP" is more like "ahbababa P!" and he doesn't make much effort at pitch, but still, I think it's pretty good for a one-and-a-half-year-old.

The stuff he says continues to amaze us. He's constantly observing life and putting things together in his mind. He'll say things that we don't remember teaching him or comment on something that's happening that we don't do very often. He'll watch me putting in muffins and say, "Mommy open the oven." Or he'll observe, "Daddy making juice." We get a kick out of how he greets us with, "This is a Mommy!" or "It's a Daddy!" or "Here comes a Mommy!" as if we're just these generic parents and not actaully his mommy and daddy. This week he started to pick up his books and say, "I'm 'onna read it you." and he'll turn to a page and correctly recite a phrase or two from that page. This week he also started to say, "It's mines." I'm actually surprised it took him this long because many of his friends run around saying little else but, "Mine!"


Emily said...

Jonah is such a big boy! Good job, Jonah!

Annika said...

Ah, yes, my kids do the "It's a mommy!" thing, too! So funny!

James, Carolyn and William Broughton said...

Hi Linnea! Jonah is adorable... I am so impressed! Will's only just learned to put final consonants on words and is starting to mimic what we say more and more, but only one word at a time-- Jonah is amazing! I think they're only a couple months apart too, right? Will turns two end of November. And you're due in like a month? Can't wait to meet your second little boy! I'm due end of October with number two... I'm convinced it's a girl, but we're not going to find out, so we'll see if I'm right. :)

Leslie said...

He's so cute, I don't know how you can stand it!