Thursday, February 19, 2009

Items of note

It is way past my bedtime so I will try to be brief, but all of a sudden I felt the need to get down on "paper" Jonah's latest habits, tricks, and other cute things. I'm so afraid I might forget what he was like at seventeen months.

A few weeks ago we visited some local caverns and went on the guided tour. Jon had to carry Jonah the whole way because it wasn't stroller accessible and there was a strict "no touch" policy. There was also a no food or drink policy. So Jonah provided the group with running commentary throughout the entire tour - seriously he never stopped talking. His main observation during his time in the cavern was, "Rocks!" Over and over again. What can I say, he calls it like he sees it. This was interspersed with requests for just about every food and drink he could think of and picking out words he knew from the tour guide's talk and parroting them back. "No touch." "Change."

He loves lotion and diaper cream, especially Desitin. I'll go to get him up from a nap and he'll say, "Diaper. Cream. Desitin. All better." He loves lotion so much that last night when he dripped milk on his hand he decided to pretend the white drops were lotion. "Otion. Handies." While rubbing his hands together.

He's just starting to get into pretend play with his teddy bears. He likes to wrap them in blankets and put them "ni-night" and feed them and give them drinks from his sippy cup. The other day I let him have a teddy in the high chair and he was feeding it grapes and told it, "Chew chew chew!" just like I say when he has a mouthful of food.

He'll pretend anything is a phone. A sock can be a phone, a mitten, a hairbrush, a baby monitor, a remote, anything.

There are things I didn't realize I said until Jonah started saying them. I didn't know I said "nope" instead of "no", but now Jonah says "nope" all the time and when I started paying attention I realized how much I say it. Like when he's full and doesn't want another bite of food he'll say, "Nope! Nope!" I also didn't notice that I much tell Jon, "Bye! Have a good day!" I still don't think I really say "have a good day" very much, but now when saying goodbye to someone, Jonah often includes, "Have a good day!" (The "have a good" is kinda mushed together so it sounds more like "ofagoo DAY")

On our recent flight to Chicago Jonah was down on the floor exploring. Next thing I knew he was saying, "Feet! Toes!" Uh oh. I turned around to the guy sitting behind me, "Is he touching your feet?" "Yeah." At least he was smiling.

He counts backward and forward between two and five, but NEVER says one. I can only get him to say "one" when I ask how old he is. He loves the alphabet song and his favorite letter is "W". He also likes "C", but W is the only letter he chimes in on when I sing the song.

He loves to pray at meals and wants to pray not only at the beginning, but at random intervals throughout the meal. He'll be talking about something else and then just reach his hand out to me, "Pray?" So we pray!

The need to discuss passing gas has been inherrited down from my mom's side of the family and Jonah always has to inform me when he has made "toots".

But to balance out the "potty talk", he is very good about saying "please", which makes me very happy.


Kate said...

I got Trey a little doll when Audrey was born and he LOVED it. He used to feed it from his belly button :) It's a good thing for them to feel like they have their "baby" too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah, Let's clarify which member of your mom's side likes to discuss "passing gas". Let's just say it's NOT your Aunt Jane. :)